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Join us at ESRA 2023

Several sessions directly related to the European Social Survey (ESS) have been selected for the 2023 European Survey Research Association (ESRA) conference in Milan, Italy.

ESRA has now opened their call for papers until Tuesday 20 December 2022 for researchers to submit methodological or substantive abstracts.

Research on survey methods or data analysis can be proposed for one of the 102 sessions being held at the University of Milan-Bicocca on 17-21 July 2023.

Papers on adapting the mode of data collection can be submitted to two sessions - Adapting survey mode in a changing survey landscape and Challenges and consequences of switching face-to-face population surveys to self-completion.

A session on Survey data harmonisation is being coordinated by representatives of the ESS and European Values Study.

On a similar theme, Integrating data from different survey projects will focus on the methodological challenges of combining data from different sources.

Research that focuses on methodological findings from existing or planned cross-national web panels should be submitted to Cross-national probability-based web or mixed mode panels.

A session that focuses on the implementation of major surveys - Digital technologies for the data lifecycle of large-scale surveys - is seeking presentations about tools used during the survey data lifecycle.

Representatives of several organisations are looking for papers about conducting video interviews: Live video interviewing in survey practice.

Other survey methods sessions include Questionnaire translation and the global crises – new challenges and opportunities, which is seeking papers on various topics related to the translation of survey questions.

For substantive analysis of our data, several sessions include reference to the ESS. Political researchers should consider submitting an abstract for Cross-national multi-purpose survey data as a resource for political research.

Academic papers that assess the Schwartz human values scale section of our survey can consider submitting an abstract to Basic human values.

Members of our Round 9 (2018/19) rotating module on justice and fairness will convene a session on Perceptions of inequality and justice.

Short presentations inspired by the PechaKucha format will be chosen for a combined methodology and substantive session: Concise results from the European Social Survey.

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