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2024 Conference: Call for sessions now open

The call for sessions for the 5th International European Social Survey (ESS) Conference - 20 years of data - is now open until Monday 2 October.

The conference will be held at ICS - University of Lisbon and ISCTE - University Institute of Lisbon, Portugal, from Monday 8 until Wednesday 10 July 2024.

Full details of the call are available via the ESS Conference section of our website.

Researchers are invited to submit an abstract of up to 400 words outlining the focus of the session they plan to host.

Sessions can be on any topic related to the questionnaire content over the first ten rounds (2002-22) or around survey methods.

Substantive sessions can cover topics included in the core questionnaire - fielded in every round of the ESS - or from one of 15 rotating modules - fielded in each round of the survey.

They can also focus on data collected through the world’s first large scale, cross-national, probability-based input-harmonised web panel: CROss-National Online Survey-2 (CRONOS-2).

Methodological sessions can cover any topic relevant to the implementation of the survey and can focus on the history and development of the ESS itself.

Session organisers are expected to encourage and review paper submissions, liaise with selected presenters and the conference organisers, and chair their session at the conference.

Abstracts of up to 400 words (plus 3-5 keywords) should be sent to the conference organising committee via email by Monday 2 October 2023.

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