The European Social Survey Electronic Questionnaire Device (ESS EQD)

The European Social Survey developed an electronic questionnaire device (ESS EQD) to be used in Round 10 (2020-22). This was part of our response to the challenges of face-to-face data collection during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The ESS EQD was developed to complement other self-completion modes, such as web and paper, allowed in Round 10 of our survey for the first time. The idea behind the ESS EQD was to adapt an existing tablet in such a way that those who are unable or unwilling to complete a web survey could still answer the ESS using a digital device.

Respondents would receive the tablet either from a fieldworker on the doorstep or through the post, and would enter their responses into the tablet themselves. The device was designed to ensure it can be used by those with little or no experience with using computers or smartphones. In addition, the data can be captured in offline mode to ensure the ESS EQD can be used when there is no internet connectivity.

ESS worked with NatCen Social Research in the UK and CentERdata in the Netherlands to develop a prototype. Following initial usability testing in the Netherlands and Slovenia, acceptance testing was conducted in Portugal, Serbia, Slovakia, and the UK. A report is available: 

This work has been funded by the ESS ERIC General Assembly.