Data and Documentation

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Data and Documentation by Topics (Module)

The ESS covers a wide range of topics, organised in core and rotating modules. You can access data and documentation for each topic from the table below.

  R1 02 R2 04 R3 06 R4 08 R5 10 R6 12 R7 14 R8 16 R9 18
Media and social trust
Health inequalities...                
Attitudes to climate change                
Justice and Fairness                

Data and Documentation by Country

If you are interested in a specific country, the table below gives you access to data and documentation for any of the 38 countries that have taken part so far.

  R1 02 R2 04 R3 06 R4 08 R5 10 R6 12 R7 14 R8 16 R9 18 R10 20
United Kingdom



Online Analysis

Our Online Analysis tool allows you to analyse data from a specific ESS round without leaving your browser. >>

Cumulative Data (Wizard)

Use the Wizard to customise and download a cumulative data file for the rounds (years), countries and variables you are interested in. >>

Multilevel Data

Put ESS data in context by analysing it alongside region- and country-level data from other sources, either online or via a customised data file. >>

ESS Methodological Data

In addition to its substantive data files, the ESS also publishes other data and paradata files which can be used if you are interested in carrying out methodological research.

ESS Web Panel (CRONOS)

The Cross-National Online Survey (CRONOS) is a pilot web panel recruited on the back of ESS Round 8 in three countries. CRONOS data can be linked to ESS Round 8 data. >>

ESS Media Claims

Media claims data provides systematic information about context, as reported in national media outlets, at the time of the data collection for ESS Rounds 6, 7 and 8. >>

Related studies

Find out more about related studies not considered part of the official ESS data and documentation. >>


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