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Latest academic monitoring report published

This latest annual report - European Social Survey (ESS) academic impact monitoring - assesses the extent to which our data has been analysed for published research.

By monitoring the ESS Bibliography and Google Scholar, Core Scientific Team (CST) member, Brina Malnar (University of Ljubljana) is able to evaluate the academic impact of our data.

The new report referenced how 3,279 of the 5,966 articles were published in peer-reviewed journals, and a further 839 in books/chapters.

The latest research also includes an assessment into the disciplinary profile and country affiliation of authors.

Sections on research topics and theoretical approaches, use of questionnaire items, and policy relevance of articles are also included.

The report includes two appendices, including the ESS International Bibliography 2003-21 - a comprehensive list of all 5,253 substantive and 713 methodological publications, based on Google Scholar indexing (APA citation).

A second appendix - ESS Item usage report 2003-21 - details the amount of times data collected from each survey question has been analysed for published articles.

The majority of journal articles that included analysis of our data were found in sociology or political science publications.

There is also a significant number of journal articles published in the disciplinary fields of economics, health and medicine, psychology and methodology.

When it comes to research topics for all 5,966 articles, these focus on politics and democracy (1,374), immigration (844), survey methods (763), welfare and public policies (635), employment and labour market (565) and the economy (544).

The full report also includes information about the most analysed countries, and detailed information about the data that is most commonly used.

Registered users of our data are encouraged to submit any published work in any language to the ESS Bibliography.

Our Bibliography includes 9,153 research articles in any language submitted by academics.

The database is searchable by type of publication, country afiliation of author(s), round(s) of data used, journal title and field, ESS topic or article title.

European Social Survey academic impact monitoring 2022

Appendix 1. ESS International Bibliography 2003-21

Appendix 2. ESS Item usage report 2003-21

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