Data and Documentation Availability

Ever since the ESS was conceived, the principle of free and immediate access to the data for all has been an integral part of the design. This means that the ESS data are available without restrictions, for not-for-profit purposes, pending only a very simple registration procedure.

ESS distributes all its data and documentation in the ESS Data Portal section of this website. This section serves as the reservoir for the complete set of ESS data, metadata and documentation.

ESS Bibliography

Finally, the ESS Bibliography is an important resource in documenting and disseminating the output of ESS-based research, enhancing the visibility of the ESS. The ESS Bibliography is an online dynamic service for registration and retrieval of bibliographical information about the usage of the ESS. It provides flexible access and retrieval. It also offers efficient search for all publications that are available online. The system is freely available, providing researchers, governments, organisations, decision-makers and others with a unique list of social reporting on Europe.