ESS Topline Series

The following compilations of findings have been published and are available for download. These are authored by external academics having analysed ESS data.

Key findings from the first three rounds of the ESS - this mostly draws upon academic work using ESS data that has been published in books and journals.

Key findings from the first five rounds of the ESS - this draws on further examples of published academic work using ESS data (translated versions of this publication are available in Bosnian, Latvian and Luxembourgish).

In 2011, we launched a new series of ESS Topline Results, which are concise cross-national summaries of particular topics covered in the questionnaire. Topline publications are written by the groups of academics whose rotating module was selected for the ESS.

Issue 1 in the series focuses on justice findings using data from Round 5 of the survey. Issue 2 focuses on welfare attitudes in Europe using data from Round 4 of the survey. Issue 3 focuses on the economic crisis, quality of work and social integration using data from Rounds 2 and 5 of the ESS, gathered either side of the economic downturn. Issue 4 focuses on Europeans' understandings and evaluations of democracy using data from Round 6 of the ESS and issue 5 looked at personal and social wellbeing based on Round 6 data.

Issue 6 was published in October 2016 using Round 7 data gathered from the rotating module on health inequalities. Issue 7 was published in November 2016, and uses ESS data on immigration from Rounds 1 and 7.

Translated versions are available for selected issues.

ESS Topline Findings:

Country-specific booklets from the ESS Topline Findings series are also available. Currently there are two issues available in the series, Policing by Consent in the UK (using data from Round 5 of the ESS) and Experiences and Expressions of Ageism in the UK (using data from Round 4 of the ESS).

Country-specific ESS Topline Findings:

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