Sabiedrības novecošana: sociālā aizsardzība, nevienlīdzība un darba tirgus riski

English title: Ageing of Society: Social Protection, Inequality and Labour Market Risks in Baltic Countries

Author(s): Ritma Rungule - Ilze Koroleva - Inta Mierina - Ija Trapeznikova - Ieva Karklina - Ilze Trapenciere - Aleksandrs Aleksandrovs -

Language: Latvian

Type: Book (monograph)



The research project «Ageing of society: social protection, inequality and labour market risks in Baltic countries» was implemented within a sub-project of the grant scheme «Academic research» (Nr. EEZ08AP-14) with an objective to research and compare manifestations of society ageing in the Baltic countries in the aspects of social protection, inequality, social policy and employment. This monograph is based on the research results. Of the various questions investigated within the project, the main five are represented in the chapters of this book: theoretical approaches to society ageing, attitudes towards people of age, employment of older people, and social protection of the elderly. The research is based on secondary data analysis and expert interviews. The data used for analyses includes statistical information (Eurostat and national statistics offices), as well as information provided by international comparative surveys in which Latvia was represented: European Union Statistics on Income and Living Conditions and European Social Survey (rounds 3 and 4). The overview of social policy is based on interviews with experts, policy makers and researchers, in the fields of social inclusion, social protection and employment policy in the Baltic countries.

City: Riga

Edition: 0

ISBN: 9789934506055

Number of pages: 179

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