Характер стратификации российского общества в контексте международных сопоставлений

English title: Stratification in Russian society in the context of cross-national comparison

Author(s): Gordey Yastrebov -

Language: Russian

Type: Thesis / dissertation

Year: 2011


The dissertation presents an accomplished, yet rather unconventional view about Russia’s current stratification system. It begins with discussion of theoretical and methodological issues about the study of social inequality in post-socialist societies, and emphasizes the role of accounting for institutional settings, which are, in their own turn, to a larger extend conditioned by cultural and historical contexts. Thus, it is argued that many contemporary West-borne theories have weak explanatory power with respect to some of post-socialist societies (i.e. Russia). This argument is followed by thorough empirical studies of regularities in stratification process and social mobility patterns in Russia based on data from 3 consecutive representative surveys (1994, 2002, 2006). And it then reinforces the argument by bringing in a comparative perspective and employing the data from European Social Survey (3rd wave, 2006).


Awarding institution: Higher School of Economics

Number of pages: 231

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