Contributo para a definição de uma tipologia de comportamentos e atitudes face aos sintomas de doença

English title: Contribution to the definition of a typology of behaviors and attitudes towards the disease symptoms

Author(s): António Calha -

Language: Portugese

Type: Conference paper/poster

Year: 2012


We present, in this communication, the results of an investigation which aimed to build a typology of attitudes towards disease symptoms based on data provided by the European Social Survey. Our goal is to contribute to the characterization of different patterns of behavior concerning the disease, through behavioral profiling and identification of symbolic references involved in the process of healing and doctor/patient relationship. The methodology was based on the use of different statistical techniques: Cluster Analysis, in order to identify different profiles of behavior in relation to a set of symptoms of disease, and Principal Component Analysis to analyze the symbolic references for the process of healing and doctor/patient relationship. The results demonstrate the existence of different patterns of behaviors associated with social and cultural factors related to the condition of individuals. It was possible to define a four-group typology of attitudes towards disease symptoms, which confirms that the differences in attitudes correspond to different universes of reference for the idealization of the healing process and the conceptualization of the doctor/patient relationship.

Conference name: VII Congresso Português de Sociologia: sociedade crise e reconfigurações

Location: Porto

Start date: Jun 19, 2012

Type: Paper

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