Молодежь и пожилые люди в обществе: отношения и коммуникация между поколениями

English title: Young and Older People in Society: The Relationships and Communication Among Generations

Author(s): Ilze Koroleva - Ritma Rungule - Aleksandrs Aleksandrovs -

Language: Russian

Type: Conference paper/poster

Year: 2012


The paper presents analysis of inter-generational relationships and communication, based on ESS round 4 data from Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Germany, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. Departing from the assumption that culture in general makes the grounds for respect towards the older people, their status, and stereotypical expectations, the analysis highlights several indicators: self-perception of various age groups in the population, stereotypes, and general attitudes towards one another. For instance, In Latvia, 50–59 years old respondents are more «pessimistic» in their valuation of own age — 20% consider themselves old, while in other countries on average only 9% do so, and only 4% in Sweden. Another aspect is the perception of social status of elderly population — it appears to be the lowest in Poland and Latvia. However, the impact of older people on traditions and norms in surveyed societies was rated as the highest among various age groups, which was true for all countries examined in the paper. The authors come to a conclusion that relatively lower perceptions of older peoples' status, especially in Latvia, Estonia, and Poland, are due to the lower perception of their economic input. In other words, in countries with developing new economies young people are seen as more valuable. The analysis reveals the contradictory manifestations of stereotypic perception: the respondents may envy or glorify young people, but at the same time they feel pity and sorry for the elderly people, which happens much more often in Latvia, if compared to an average in the observed European countries.

Conference name: "Communication in the Social-Humanities Knowledge, Economics, Education" - 3rd international scientific-practical conference

Location: Minsk

Start date: Mar 29, 2012

Type: Paper

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