Сравнительный анализ удовлетворенности жизнью и определяющих ее факторов

English title: Comparative Analysis of Satisfaction with Life And Determining Factors

Author(s): Nina Andreenkova -

Language: Russian

Type: Journal article

Year: 2010


The article examines the satisfaction with life option. Based on ESS data, the study analyses the factors that define satisfaction with life level such as: a) internal factors which characterize the person and his/her place in social relations (social and psychological, social and demographic), and, b) external factors which characterize the environment a person is living in (social environment and social network, institutional, economic and ecological factors). The analysis is based on comparison of countries and comparison of people (aggregated and individual analyses).

Volume: 13

Issue: 5

From page no: 189

To page no: 215

Refereed: Yes


Journal: Monitoring Obshchestvennogo Mneniya: Ekonomicheskie i Sotsyal'nye Peremeny

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