Векторы человеческого развития в постсоциалистических странах Европы и СНГ: опыт количественной оценки. Часть 1

English title: Vectors of Human Development in Post-Socialist Countries of Europe and CIS: a Case of Quantitative Evaluation. Part 1

Author(s): Gordey Yastrebov - Anna Krasilova - Ekaterina Cherepanova -

Language: Russian

Type: Report, working paper

Year: 2011


The article is a start to a series of publications aiming to disseminate the results of the ongoing project “Comparative Analysis of Human Potential Development in Post-Socialist Countries of Europe” by the Laboratory for Comparative Analysis of Post-Socialist Development (National Research University – Higher School of Economics). In this paper we define the major elements of the theoretical and methodological framework to the analysis of post-socialist transformation in terms of ensuring society’s viability, i.e. a capacity to sustain human development. By that we particularly intend to understand an extent, to which the people’s needs in safety, education, health, self-actualization, demographic and social reproduction are satisfied. We also consider the limitations of existing evaluations, which are based on the generally accepted methodological tool such as UN Human Development Index. The authors design a broader definition of viability based on the classical definition of “health” by the World Health Organization suggested as far back as in 1948. A considerable part of the article covers a review of empirical data collected from different sources (WHO, World Bank, UNDP etc.) related to the quality of human development in some countries of Europe and the CIS.

Edition: 0

Institution: Natsional'nyy issledovatel'skiy universitet. Vysshaya shkola ekonomiki

Number of pages: 44

Number: 0

Series: Comparative Analysis of Human Potential Development in Post-Socialist Countries of Europe

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