Влияние брачного статуса на самооценку состояния здоровья

English title: Influence of marital status on self-evaluation of health

Author(s): Alexandr Sinelnikov -

Language: Russian

Type: Journal article

Year: 2011


The goal of this article is a study of influence of marital status of Russian respondents to their self-evaluations of own health. The article is based on statistical and sociological analysis of data of 3rd (2006) and 4th (2008) rounds of ESS - European Social Survey. Russian Federation took part in both rounds, with the combined number of Russian participants totalling 4949. In Russia at 2009 life expectancy for men (62,8 years ) almost 12 years lesser than for women (74,7 years). In spite of this difference, 45% of female respondents and only 31% of male respondents recognize own restrictions in their daily activities in any way by any longstanding illness, or disability, infirmity or mental health problem. Self-evaluation of own health for men is higher than for women at any age. It is connected with the specific male and female psychology. The mortality level of married men and women is less than mortality level of never-married, widowed and divorced persons. But the differences of self-evaluation of own health between married and unmarried men and between married and unmarried women probably reflect real differences in their health. Analysis of ESS data show: in modern Russia negative influence of life out of marriage to state of health is not strong. There are no negative influence among men below 30 years old and women below 45 years old. Negative influence exists among men from 30 to 59 years old and women at age 45 years or olrder. The more detailed analysis shows that specific groups of risk (in comparison with the married persons at the same age) are never-married men from 30 to 44 years old and widowed women after 45 years old.

Volume: 5

Issue: 4

From page no: 0

To page no: 0

Refereed: Yes


Journal: Sotsialʹnyye aspekty zdorovʹya naseleniya

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