Запрос на социальную политику и готовность к её софинансированию: межстрановые сравнения

English title: Demand of population for state-run social policy and readiness to pay taxes across various European countries

Author(s): Galina Alekseyevna Monusova -

Language: Russian

Type: Conference paper/poster

Year: 2012


Demand of population of European countries for state-run social policy, readiness to participate in funding it and differences between these indicators are analyzed on the basis of the European Social Survey (ESS-2008) data. Readiness of the populace for the tax increases necessary to fund state-run social policy, and disparity between the demand and readiness for tax increases depend significantly upon the institutional characteristics which create fiscal illusions in people. The lesser is an extent of corruption in the state, and the more transparent and open are the spheres of fiscal and social policy, the more the demand for the social services of the people in those states matches their readiness to fund their demand via taxes.

Conference name: XIII HSE April International Academic Conference on Economic and Social Development

Location: Moscow

Start date: Apr 3, 2012

Type: Paper

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