Latvijas Nacionālais attīstības plāns 2014.–2020. gadam

English title: Latvian National Development Plan for 2014–2020


Language: Latvian

Type: Report, working paper

Year: 2012


«The Latvian National Development Plan for 2014–2020» (NDP2020) is the main mid-term development policy document in Latvia. This is the action plan for the «Latvian sustainable development strategy until 2030» (Latvija2030). The NDP2020 is a «business plan» for the whole state, which sketches a growth model: the guidelines for investment for achieving economic self-sufficiency, increase of productivity, and competitiveness. It seeks for paths towards synergy between investments goals and balances development. At the same time it serves as a «social contract» between the state and its people. The government presents the general vision of the mid-term development for informed decision-making. The authors examine the ESS data on the satisfaction with life in Latvia. The NDP2020 was accepted by the Saeima of Latvia in December, 2012.

Edition: 0

Institution: Parresoru koordinacijas centrs (Cross-Sectoral Coordination centre)

Number of pages: 68

Number: 0


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