Субъективное благополучие и возраст: Россия в контексте межстрановых сравнений

English title: Subjective Wellbeing over Age: Russia among other Countries

Author(s): Galina Alekseyevna Monusova -

Language: Russian

Type: Book chapter

Year: 2012


This work analyses the connection between age and different aspects of subjective wellbeing in Russia and other European countries. Empirical analysis is based on the European Social Survey (ESS) data. According to this study, in the developed countries the level of subjective wellbeing among the older generations is not lower, and possibly even higher, than among the young. In the developed countries, ambitions are realized with age on one hand, and the social security system works efficiently on the other. The older people there continue to feel joy in life and hope for the best, if their health allows. In the post-socialist world including Russia, old age without perspectives becomes an ordeal. This is very important to grasp as the population of Russia is aging, and the share of older ages rapidly increases.

From page no: 98

To page no: 109

Anthology: Papers from the XII April International Academic Conference on Economic and Social Development. In four volumes. Volume 3

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