Основные тренды в социальных установках и поведении россиян в сравнении с населением других европейских стран: 6 лет Европейского Социального Исследования (ESS) в России

English title: The Main Trends in Social Attitudes and Behavior of Russians in Comparison to Other European Countries: 6 years of ESS in Russia

Author(s): Anna Andreenkova -

Language: Russian

Type: Conference paper/poster

Year: 2012


The main idea of the report was to describe the major trends in social attitudes and behavior of Russians in larger socio-cultural context and in comparison to other countries based on the European Social Survey (ESS) data. ESS is an academically-driven comparative survey in social science in Europe of the last decade. The aim of the ESS is to provide the most systematic and comparable data about attitudes and values of the Europeans in the basic spheres of life: family, politics, religion, social structure and social inequality, the quality of life, etc. Survey is carried out every two years since 2002 year, but Russia joined the ESS only in 2006.

Conference name: Regular weekly seminar of the Laboratory for Comparative Social Research

Location: Saint Petersburg

Start date: Apr 12, 2012

Type: Paper

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