Bildung als Wettlauf der Nationen? Die Zufriedenheit mit dem Bildungswesen

English title: Education as a race of nations? Satisfaction with the educational system

Author(s): Heiner Meulemann -

Language: German

Type: Book chapter

Year: 2004


It is examined whether the so-called "PISA shock" – the public discussion about Germany’s medium position in cross-country school performance tests – has lowered the satisfaction with the educational system in Germany and in other European countries between 1973, 1995 and 2002. Data sources are the European Community Study of 1973, the Eurobarometer 44.0 of 1995, and the European Social Survey of 2002 (round 1). In comparison to other European countries, the "PISA shock" did indeed lower the satisfaction with the educational system in Germany.

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Anthology: Deutschland in Europa

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