Skilda vär(l)dar - globalisering, gränser och attityder till invandring i Inre Skandinavien

English title: Separate Worlds - Globalization, Borders and Attitudes Towards Immigration in Inner Scandinavia

Author(s): Andreas Öjehag-Pettersson -

Language: Swedish

Type: Book chapter

Year: 2012


Using survey data from five different waves of the European Social Survey (ESS) this chapter investigates the attitudes towards immigration in Inner Scandinavia. It is argued that while the attitudes in both the Swedish and the Norwegian parts of Inner Scandinavia are quite positive in comparison with other European countries, they nevertheless differ quite a lot. The Norwegians are in general much less positive to immigration than Swedes. This could be understood as problematic with regards to prominent ideas of regional development in Inner Scandinavia. In particular it is argued here that it is not compatible with the will to attract the creative class as it is understood by Richard Florida. Indeed it is concluded here that a one sided focus on such ideas of regional development may themselves be a reason for increased skepticism towards immigration in general.

From page no: 287

To page no: 304

Anthology: På gränsen: Interaktion, attraktivitet och globalisering i Inre Skandinavien

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