English title: Societal Development, Social Stratification and Power- and Achievement-Values

Author(s): Dennis Köthemann -

Language: English

Type: Conference paper/poster

Year: 2012


Do societal development and social stratification affect the priority of power- and achievement-values? This question is strongly connected to the more general discussion about how societal wellbeing and social stratification shape values of the public and individuals. Unfortunately studies often work with methodologically problematic value-indicators as the Inglehart-Index. The present paper aims at avoiding the use of an imprecise value theory and unreliable indicators by using the framework of the Theory of Basic Human Values by Schwartz (2005). With data from the third, fourth and fifth round of the ESS it can be shown that both societal development and social stratification are associated with the priority of power- and achievement-values. However the interrelations between both mentioned factors and power- and achievement-values are contradictory. The higher the societal development the lower the priority of power- and achievement-values. But the higher the position within the social stratification the higher the priority of power- and achievement-values. As explaining mechanisms Inglehart’s ideas (1997) about societal postmodernization and Kohn’s and Schooler’s (1983) descriptions about social stratification and value priorities together with the idea if social production functions (Esser 1999, Lindenberg 1989, Lindenberg & Frey 1993) are discussed.

Conference name: Cross-National Evidence from European Social Survey: Exploring Public Attitudes, Informing Public Policy in Europe

Location: Nicosia, Cyprus

Start date: Nov 23, 2012

Type: Paper

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