English title: Work-family conflict and well-being in Northern Europe

Author(s): Jacqueline Scott - Anke Plagnol -

Language: English

Type: Book chapter

Year: 2012


This chapter examines work-family conflicts (WFC) and well-being in Northern Europe. Using data from the European Social Survey module on work, family and well-being we examine how both the experience of WFC and well-being are gendered in ways that reflect the gendered division of paid and unpaid work. We also explore how different policies in support of maternal employment and a more equitable divide of domestic labour may reduce or enhance men and women's well-being. Contrary to expectations, we find that men not women benefit from a less traditional gender role divide in household chores. We suggest that men may be uncomfortably conscious of work getting in the way of their doing a fair share of chores at home, whereas women have long been used to doing a 'double shift'. We conclude that more attention needs to be paid to the gender divide of unpaid work, if we are to understand how changes in family and employment impinge on well-being.

From page no: 174

To page no: 205

Anthology: Gendered Lives

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