Populismi puoluejärjestelmän vedenjakajana

English title: Populism as a divide in politics

Author(s): Heikki Paloheimo -

Language: Finnish

Type: Book chapter

Year: 2012


The chapter analyses support for populist parties in the Nordic countries. Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. The populist parties compared are Danish People's party (Denmark), True Finns (Finland), Progress Party (Norway) and Sweden Democrats (Sweden). Based on round 5 of the ESS, opinions of those who are close to the populist party are compared to the opinions of those who are not close to the populist party in the country. Differences between opinions of the supporters of the four populist parties are also compared. A negative attitude towards immigration is typical of the supporters of the populist parties in all the four Nordic nations. On the left-right scale, supporters of the Danish People's Party and Norwegian Progress Party are more right wing orientated compared to the supporters of Sweden Democrats and True Finns.

From page no: 324

To page no: 346

Anthology: Muutosvaalit 2011 (Realignment election 2011)

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