Sosial tillit, politisk tillit og tillit til politiet

English title: Social Trust, Political Trust and Trust in the Police

Author(s): Gunnar Thomassen -

Language: Norwegian

Type: Book chapter

Year: 2010


Numerous surveys have documented that trust in the police in Norway remains high and stable over time. What we know less about is why it is so high, and furthermore, what accounts for variations in trust among Norwegian citizens. Is trust primarily specific and determined by individual experiences with the police and events that may influence perceptions of police effectiveness, such as becoming a victim of crime? Or does it primarily flow from a general trust in public institutions and in the way democracy works? Using individual level data from the national Citizen Survey (2001) and the European Social Survey (2006) the questions above were investigated. The overall strong correlations between trust in the police and trust in six other public institutions suggest that trust is cumulative, and that trust in the police to a large degree flows from a general trust in government and public institutions in Norway. The findings from the regression analysis further strengthen the hypotheses that factors more or less outside the reach of the police have a decisive influence on the level of trust in the police.

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Anthology: Trust in the Police

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