Der Zusammenhang von Lebensform und Lebensstil

English title: The connection between living arrangements and lifestyles

Author(s): Elisabeth Safferthal -

Language: German

Type: Thesis / dissertation

Year: 2012


The aim of this thesis is to investigate if there is a connection between living arrangements and lifestyles. To achieve this goal two different methods were used. The paper is divided into two parts: a theoretical section and an empirical analysis. In the theoretical part the terms used are defined. Furthermore, the different living arrangements are characterised. It was established that the different living arrangements have different frameworks which can lead to the suggestion that there is a connection between lifestyles and living arrangements. In the second step, different statistical methods were used to find a connection. The statistical analysis was conducted on the basis of the data of the European Social Survey Round 3 2006/2007 (ESS3-2006). With the help of cluster analysis, lifestyles were formed. Correspondence analysis was used to evaluate if there is a connection between lifestyles and living arrangements. The results not only show that lifestyles and living arrangements are connected but, furthermore, indicate that there is also an alliance between lifestyles and gender. It has to be stated that further research is required due to the fact that secondary analysis can only give directions and not final results.


Awarding institution: Universität Wien

Number of pages: 113

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