Beschäftigungsunsicherheit in Europa

English title: Job Insecurity in Europe

Author(s): M. Erlinghagen -

Language: German

Type: Journal article

Year: 2007


During the last decades people have faced an increasing globalisation of financial markets, a trend of tertiarisation, and tendencies of individualisation all over Europe. Despite these analogies it is a priori impossible to say how employees have responded to these changes. Because of historically developed institutional and cultural traditions employees should show a country-specific perception of these changes and particularly of their own employment situation. Therefore, the paper investigates especially on self-perceived job insecurity in Europe as an indicator of individual response on current employment situations. The paper shows significant country-specific differences in job insecurity. It becomes clear that these result is not only caused by social-structural or institutional differences. Obviously job insecurity is strongly affected by cultural characteristics.

Volume: 60

Issue: 3

From page no: 123

To page no: 130



Journal: WSI-Mitteilungen

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