Pareizticīgās baznīcas loma krievu identitātes saglabāšanā Baltijas valstīs 1991. - 2011. gados

English title: The Role of the Orthodox Church in the Preservation of Russian Identity in the Baltic Countries During the Period 1991 – 2011

Author(s): Jelena Avanesova (Alohina) -

Language: Latvian

Type: Thesis / dissertation

Year: 2011


1990s brought great changes to Latvia and Estonia. Especially concerned was the Russian speaking population, who unexpectedly lost their reference point, confidence in their present and future. In this work it is assumed that the Orthodox Church became one of the core aspects of their forming identity. Thus, the objective of this work is to observe the role of the Orthodox Church in preservation of Russian identity in Estonia and Latvia during the period 1991-2011. The author found that the Orthodox Churches play significant, but more symbolic than religious role for Russian-speakers in modern society. People perceive the role of the Orthodox Churches in society differently, but for most of them the strong connection between "Russian" and "Orthodox" undoubtedly exists.


Awarding institution: University of Latvia

Number of pages: 118

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