Izquierda y Derecha en España. Un estudio longitudinal y comparado

English title: Left and right in Spain. A longitudinal and comparative study

Author(s): Lucía Esther Medina Lindo -

Language: Spanish

Type: Thesis / dissertation

Year: 2012


This research deals with the left-right division and the locations on the ideological scale in Spain. It puts special emphasis on the effects of the political process over the meaning of the right and the left and on the ability of people to locate themselves on the scale. The political context also influences the evolution of locations in time. In short, the scale appears as the more appropriate way to represent the electoral competition scene. But the research does not stop in the Spanish case and includes other countries, as well, in order to establish a comparative frame. Using data from the first and the fourth wave of the ESS, the research analyses the ability to locate on the left-right scale and the factors that influence the locations in several European countries. Again, political factors, as partisanship and ideological polarization seem to be the most important factors explaining variations in locations at individual and cross-national level.


Awarding institution: Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Number of pages: 358

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