Индексът на щастие в сравнителна перспектива

English title: The Happiness Index in a Comparative Perspective

Author(s): Lilia Dimova - Martin Dimov -

Language: Bulgarian

Type: Book chapter

Year: 2010


In this book chapter we present our model of happiness index, constructed on the basis of ESS data. Our theoretical concept is that happiness indicates the emotional harmony of man with the surroundings and with him/herself, i.e. one is happy when is emotionally satisfied with his/her life as a whole and live in harmony with the world and him/herself. We set 22 indicators in our model divided into 3 sub-index factor groups as follows: A. Generalized satisfaction with personal status, including: Satisfaction with life as a whole; Health condition; Satisfaction with what a person does; Satisfaction with a person’s living standard; Social recognition by the others; Satisfaction with a person’s work; Satisfaction with family relationships; Satisfaction with a person’s social environment. B. Generalized satisfaction with the social-political system and the living environment, including: Assessment/satisfaction with the state of the economy; Assessment/satisfaction with how democracy works; Assessment/satisfaction with the state of the education system; Assessment/satisfaction with the state of healthcare; Security for health and life; Security for dwelling and home; Security in case of financial difficulties. C. Generalized satisfaction with life perspectives, including: Trust in people; Trust in the judicial system; Trust in the European Parliament; Plans for the future; Prognoses for life in old age; Optimism about one’s personal future; Job security. On the basis of these three sub-index groups we constructed a model of calculation happiness index, which is applicable to different countries and allows to be made cross-national analyses. The structure of the article is the following: 6.1. On the factors influencing happiness 6.2. What makes and what keeps people happy 6.3. Generalized satisfaction with personal status 6.4. Generalized satisfaction with the public-political system and the living environment 6.5. Generalized satisfaction with life perspectives 6.6. The generalized happiness index 6.7. Instead of a conclusion

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Anthology: Wellbeing and Trust: Bulgaria in Europe?

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