Младежка неформална самонаетост: отвъд личното доверие?

English title: The Off-the-books Self-employment among Young Bulgarians: Beyond Personal Trust?

Author(s): Tanya Chavdarova -

Language: Bulgarian

Type: Book chapter

Year: 2010


This paper deals with the off-the-books self-employment - an engagement in the production and sale of goods and services which is unregistered by, or hidden from, the state for tax, social security and/or labour law purposes but which is legal in all other respects. Central topic is the interlink between impersonal (systemic and societal trust) and personal trust, and the role these forms of trust play in starting up and developing the informal self-employment. The paper draws on ESS results, as well as on data from a qualitative research done in 2008. The dataset is composed by 23 semi-structured interviews with informally self-employed young workers in big Bulgarian cities. The structure of the article is the following: 15.1. Kinds of trust 15.2. Youths and the self-employed 15.3. Studying self-employed youths 15.4. Informal self-employment and types of trust 15.4.1. Systematic (mis)trust: the conflict between illegality and legitimacy of informal self-employment 15.4.2. Personal trust: social networks against market anonymity 15.4.3. Societal trust: generalized moralness and calculative behaviour 15.4.4. Abuse of trust

From page no: 325

To page no: 348

Anthology: Wellbeing and Trust: Bulgaria in Europe?

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