Глобалната криза и регионалните икономически нагласи

English title: Global

Author(s): Krastyo Petkov - Atanas Vladikov -

Language: Bulgarian

Type: Book chapter

Year: 2010


The paper explains in wide numerous dimensions of the effects on social stratification in Bulgaria, induced by two primary factors – accession of the country to EU, and launch of the global crisis. It is discussed in details the registered pessimism of Bulgarians and their negative perceptions and low level of satisfaction from joining the EU. In addition, information is provided onto different indicators, such as unemployment, social fears, marginalization of vast majority of impoverished people. In general, the authors of the paper stand on the position that the economic woes in Bulgaria exacerbated more since the accession of the country to EU due to the lack of political preparedness to respond to new challenges, and to the fact that the country is out of modern economic gear to drive market mechanisms the right way. The structure of the article is the following: 8.1. Methodological specifications 8.2. The changing environment: background factors 8.3. Anticipating crisis 8.4. Is the registered extreme pessimism of Bulgarians justified? 8.5. Bulgarians’ economic fears 8.5.1. Fear of unemployment 8.5.2. Fear of want 8.5.3. Marginalization of statuses: pensioners and unemployed 8.6. The new paternalism 8.7. Tax payment behaviour 8.8. Survival strategies

From page no: 179

To page no: 200

Anthology: Wellbeing and Trust: Bulgaria in Europe?

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