Балансът между работа и семеен живот

English title: Work-Family life balance

Author(s): Siyka Kovacheva -

Language: Bulgarian

Type: Book chapter

Year: 2010


Achieving a satisfying work-family balance (WFB) has become a significant challenge in modern societies where the changes in work toward greater intensity, new technologies, and flexibility collide with changes in family life toward more demanding parenting, diverse family forms and higher insecurity. At the same time, there is an increase in both the expectations and resources for mutual enrichment of individual’s social roles in the two life domains. How individuals experience and manage this challenge depends on the multiple social contexts in which their lives unfold. On the basis of data from the ESS (2006/9), this paper provides a comparative analysis of WFB in European countries as situated in the structure of opportunities and constraints on the macro level of the country’s labour market and social policy, the meso level of the company and working place and the micro level of the individual household and its members. One conclusion is that Bulgarian respondents score the lowest on the wellbeing scale because they perceive themselves as facing the highest difficulties in achieving WFB: they have the greatest expectations towards the social functions of the state and the lowest satisfaction with the services provided, the most traditional gender expectations meet with the overwhelming practice of full-time work for both partners and low incidence of part-time work, the feelings of high insecurity of work and low autonomy and career prospects are added to the lowest income satisfaction and the highest fear of unexpected family responsibilities. The structure of the article is the following: 7.1. The concept of work-family balance 7.2. Empirical basis and the analysis model 7.3. Resources and constraints from the institutional context 7.4. Resources and constraints at the workplace 7.5. Resources and constraints from the household 7.6. Individual characteristics

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Anthology: Wellbeing and Trust: Bulgaria in Europe?

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