Organizing diverse sets of data with the Schwartz´ Value Circle

English title: Organizing diverse sets of data with the Schwartz´ Value Circle

Author(s): Micha Strack -

Language: English

Type: Conference paper/poster

Year: 2005


This talk demonstrates the integrative power of the 1992 Schwartz? Value Circle (SVC). Convergent models (e.g., Parsons? functions of social systems or the Competing Values Model for organizational culture and leadership roles; Quinn & Cameron 1999, Quinn 1988) show the SVC validity for the semantics of values. Even Inglehardt?s WVS surface seems to fit well. Empirical research reveals that the SVC can be identified in a variety of value scales given that items are positive and entail sufficient representative content diversity (even a six-item Allport-Vernon scale can be turned into an SVC). I reanalyze data from German surveys (ALLBUS 1998, 2002; Shell Youth Study 2002; GIP 1999) which included different value scales. And the ESS 2002/3 v.5.1, respectively. Ordinary factor analysis of ipsative data (eliminating acquiescence) positively identifies the SVC. The resulting axes of the circle allow correlating third constructs such as age, status, personality, attitudes or behavior, as well as locating individuals or group means (e.g., voting preferences of Ss from Western and Eastern Germany); both statistics are visualized in illustrative plots. Joint inspection of these pictures can be used to establish consistent links between regions of the SVC and social milieus.

Conference name: 1th European Association for Survey Research Conference

Location: Barcelona

Start date: Jul 18, 2005

Type: Paper

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