Условия на живот и благосъстояние

English title: Living Conditions and Well-being

Author(s): Valentina Zlatanova -

Language: Bulgarian

Type: Book chapter

Year: 2010


The analysis is completed for 8 countries: Bulgaria, Russia, Rumania, Poland, Slovenia, Spain, Germany and Belgium (2006, 2009). Satisfaction from the economy, quality of education, health services, ecology, as well as attitudes to immigration and its influence on social development of the countries are discussed. The level of well-being and its reflection on social-psychological characteristics of the quality of life are observed. The comparative analysis shows how the life conditions determine frustration, uncertainty and skepticism for the future. The structure of the article is the following: 3.1. Satisfaction with life at the macro level 3.2. Immigration attitudes 3.3. The work of state institutions and the level of living 3.4. Dissatisfaction with life at the micro level 3.5. Social networks and way of life 3.6. Insecurity and way of life 3.7. Social-psychological characteristics of the way of life 3.8. Dissatisfaction with working conditions

From page no: 63

To page no: 85

Anthology: Wellbeing and Trust: Bulgaria in Europe?

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