Благополучие и доверие: България в Европа? (Сравнителен анализ по Европейското социално изследване (ESS) 2006/2009)

English title: Well-being and Trust: Bulgaria in Europe? (Comparative Analysis after ESS Rounds 2006/2009)

Author(s): Compilers: Tilkidjiev,N. and L.Dimova -

Language: Bulgarian

Type: Book (monograph)



This unique collective work of social analysis is the result of the effort of 25 Bulgarian social researchers (scholars from four of the largest universities in Bulgaria, the authors are doctors of sociological science, doctors of sociology, post-graduate students, and specialists). It offers ample expert analysis on the state of present-day Bulgarian society, its problems and perspectives. The work contains discussions on the characteristics, indicators, and trends of the quality of life, well-being, and levels of satisfaction among Bulgarian citizens, on why we are living in a “low-trust society”, on the fears of Bulgarians, the parameters of our living conditions and prosperity level, the hardships of the transition from national to European identity, the postmodernization of our life style, why our happiness index is so low, how the balancing between work and family life is achieved, the causes of social exclusion and prospects of the socially excluded, how the global crisis is impacting on economic attitudes in our country, how the line of poverty may serve as a minimal standard, how social involvement is projected in Internet communications, the tolerance of Bulgarians towards foreigners, the role of gender, age and educational inequalities, etc. The analyses are supported by a large amount of tables, graphs, and figures. As a supplement valuable in itself, the book also contains a one-dimensional distribution of empirical data for Bulgaria obtained from the two ESS rounds (2006 and 2009). The thematic variety of the analyses contained in the collective work, the abundance of comparative empirical information, makes this publication a valuable guide for researchers, teachers, under-graduate and post-graduate students, managers and politicians, media specialists, and people working in various practical fields.

City: Sofia

Edition: 1

ISBN: 9789543217236

Number of pages: 568

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