Holdninger til bruk av helsetjenester - hvordan er de sosialt strukturert?

English title: Attitudes towards the use of health services - how are they socially structured?

Author(s): Birgitte Klüwer-Trotter -

Language: Norwegian

Type: Thesis / dissertation

Year: 2011


The primary aim of this thesis was to examine wether attitudes towards the health services vary systematically according to socioeconomic position, measured here in terms of level of education, as the current body of knowledge suggests that socioeconomic position is of importance for the utilization of public health services, and moreover, that the health services recently has been identified as an important area for efforts to reduce social inequalities. The data used in this paper are from the Norwegian sample of European Social Survey, round 2 (2004-2005). Associations between level of education and attitudes towards the health services have been analysed for men and women separately by way of logistic regression; the analyses are furthermore adjusted for age, self-reported health status and use of health services. The results suggest that there are systematic variations in attitudes towards the health services according to educational level among men and/or women, with regards to reported perception of the state of the health services, wether doctors use words patients find difficult to understand or if they discuss treatment with patients before they decide, and also for intended doctor consultation for a variety of hypothetical symptoms. The observed attitudinal variation may be related to individual factors, but also to structural and relational aspects of the health services. This calls for an increased awareness concerning socially patterned attitudes and their potential relation to differential use of health services by SEP at several levels throughout the health service system, including the health professionals.


Awarding institution: University of Tromsø

Number of pages: 60

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