MARS -Monitoring the Alpine Regions' Sustainability

English title: MARS -Monitoring the Alpine Regions' Sustainability

Author(s): T. Schoder -

Language: English

Type: Report, working paper

Year: 2005


Three years ago, in the summer, 22 partners from Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Slovenia andSwitzerland decided to carry out a joint project. This is how, with the coordination of BAK Basel Economics in cooperation with six research institutes, the European INTERREG IIIB Alpine Space Project MARS came into being. The first phase of this project ends with the newly published MARS Report. But even after the end of the EU co-financing in this summer, it is not finished yet. The established network of regional decision-makers, experts and scientists is to be further expanded as a platform for the monitoring of sustainability at the regional level. The aim of the next step is to pass the knowledge gleaned from this study to politicians by way of recommendations for action. Thomas Schoder, project coordinator at BAK Basel Economics, says: "We believe that this report will provide the regional decision makers with a goodbasis for finding a way towards the sustainable development of their regions." The MARS (Monitoring the Alpine Regions? Sustainability) Project has produced a new kind of international comparison of sustainability for the Alpine Space Regions. Theresults of the first project phase have now been published in the "MARS Report 2005": around 45 indicators from the fields of economy, environment and society are analysed individually and in aggregate for 33 regions in Austria, Germany, France, Italy,Liechtenstein, Slovenia and Switzerland.

Edition: 0

Institution: BAK Basel Economics

Number of pages: 0

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