Les pays scandinaves et l'identité européenne

English title: Scandinavian countries and the European identity

Author(s): Guillaume Guitard-Lortie -

Language: French

Type: Thesis / dissertation

Year: 2011


Denmark, Norway and Sweden have been neglected in the study of European identity and multiple identities. With the presence of local, regional, national and two supranational identities, the Scandinavian and European identities, this region is characterized by a complex set of identities that need to be studied. A number of questions come up regarding this situation. Are national and supranational identities compatible and complementary? What is the intensity or strength of these identities? What is the relationship between the Scandinavian and European identities? To answer these questions, we proceed by doing a review of the literature, followed by a survey analysis. We also use two typologies drawn from works on identity to answer these questions. By comparing data for each country, we were able to observe that the literature tends to oppose identities and view them as mutually exclusive, whereas surveys moderate these conclusions and show that national and supranational identities are complementary. National identities are strong in Scandinavia, but European identity progressing.


Awarding institution: University of Ottawa

Number of pages: 145

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