Sport: een leven lang. Rapportage sport 2010

English title: Sport for Life. Report on sport 2010

Author(s): Annet Tiessen-Raaphorst - Desirée Verbeek - Jos de Haan - Koen Breedveld -

Language: Dutch

Type: Book (monograph)



Many Dutch people are involved in sport: by participating themselves, performing voluntary work for a sports club, following the sporting achievements of others via the media or attending sporting events. In this report we look at each of these forms of involvement in the different phases of people's lives. In which phase of life is participation in sport popular? At what age do people do a lot of voluntary work? Do only young people attend sporting events, with older people following football matches from the comfort of their living room? Population ageing is leading to marked changes in Dutch society. Are sports providers taking this into account? How do they respond to the different phases of life? Or are people organising their sports participation themselves? Will there still be enough sports facilities where people can participate in the future? The Report on Sport 2010 (Rapportage sport 2010), with its special theme Sport for life (Sport: een leven lang) was written by researchers from the Netherlands Institute for Social Research/SCP, the W.J.H. Mulier Institute and other research institutes, and provides a good deal of in-depth information for all those who are involved with Dutch sport for their work or studies.

City: Den Haag

Edition: 0

ISBN: 9789037705041

Number of pages: 268

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