English title: Modernisation and Secularisation Quantified

Author(s): Marion Burkimsher -

Language: English

Type: Conference paper/poster

Year: 2010


Conclusion 1: there is a correlation of higher development being associated with lower religiosity, but the spread of values is wide Conclusion 2: There is a natural level of religiosity related to a country’s level of development and there is convergence towards this Conclusion 3: Some countries have had a period of revival, which has then been followed by renewed secularisation if that revival took them above the “normal band”, eg. South Korea, Brazil, Mexico, Romania Conclusion 4: Many countries are approaching maximum development (as defined by the HDI), but the minimum attendance rates would appear to be around 10-20% of the population. For young people the ‘normal band’ is 7-18%

Conference name: Society for the Scientific Study of Religion and Religious Research Association Annual Meeting 2010

Location: Baltimore

Start date: Oct 29, 2010

Type: Paper

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