English title: Trends in Religious Participation of Young People: Do They Mirror Trends in Atheism?

Author(s): Marion Burkimsher -

Language: English

Type: Conference paper/poster

Year: 2010


Main conclusions: Some countries show clear indications of secularisation, eg. Australia, Canada, Sweden, Ireland, Poland, Spain Some countries show clear indications of revival, eg. Georgia, Russia, Romania, China In many countries the changes are not statistically significant There is a loose inverse correlation of attendance and atheism Since 2000 there has been a greater tendency to polarisation than in the 1980s or 1990s Subsidiary conclusions: South Koreans are the most ‘decisive’ at present Sweden is next most atheist The other Scandinavian countries are the most ‘ambivalent’ about religion, <12% attenders or atheists The age group with the highest proportion of atheists is generally the young (<30), though can also be the middle-aged (30-49) The age group with the highest attendance rate is almost invariably the older group (50+) The biggest losses have been from the Catholic church The biggest gains have been in the national Orthodox churches Some countries have seen youth attendance rates of <5%, but these low rates have not been maintained

Conference name: British Sociological Association, Sociology of Religion Study Group, The Changing Face of Christianity in the 21st Century

Location: Edinburgh

Start date: Apr 6, 2010

Type: Paper

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