Vergesellschaftung an Europas Binnengrenzen. Eine vergleichende Studie zu den Bedingungen sozialer Integration

English title: Social Integration at European Inner Borders. A Comparative Study on Social Integration

Author(s): Jochen Roose -

Language: German

Type: Book (monograph)



The conditions of social integration are a fundamental and traditional issue of sociological theory. Empirical studies, however, are scarce, almost inexistent. The book applies theoretical approaches on social integration to the integration of the EU, specifically to the integration across national borders in border regions. System theory according to Niklas Luhmann would expect that advantages of border crossings are sufficient, conflict theory (Simmel, Smelser, Dahrendorf, etc.) would assume that also trust is influential. Parsons assumes the relevance of general value consensus. These assumptions are tested for specific indicators of cross border perspectives and cross border interaction: interest in the border region abroad, language competencies, shopping (with various goods), buying services, cross border commuting, friendships, identification. Data sources are Eurobarometer-waves and a small own survey in three German cities close to borders. The value consensus is measured on a macro level using the Schwartz-Items from the ESS. Results show that beyond advantages and opportunities also trust is influential for most indicators. When it comes to more complex interactions (commuting, friendships), also the value consensus is influential.

City: Wiesbaden

Edition: 0

ISBN: 9783531171081

Number of pages: 287

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