English title: Differences in response rates across the ESS participated countries in comparison to Slovak national data

Author(s): Denisa Fedáková - Michal Kentoš - Jozef Výrost -

Language: English

Type: Conference paper/poster

Year: 2005


A high response rate is the key indicator of a survey ´s results legitimization. In case of all European Social Survey participated countries it was crucial, to follow and apply the fieldwork procedures prepared by CCT, in order to achieve high response rate. From country to country there were differences in the concrete expression of the procedures (e.g. selected form of incentives for respondents, interviewers´ payment). The response rates results as well as the differences in response rates and refusal rates in ESS- Round 2 participated countries are analyzed in this paper. The second part of the paper presents how the fieldwork procedures worked in the Slovak cultural setting. According to the response rates results, most of the procedures influenced fieldwork effectively and helped to implement the high standards into the whole process. Finally the particular differences (regional development, urban/rural settings, etc.) in the response rates of the Slovak sample as well as the analyses of the Slovak non-respondents will be presented.

Conference name: World Association for Public Opinion Research

Location: Ljubljana

Start date: Nov 9, 2005

Type: Paper

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