Международные сравнения базовых ценностей российского населения и динамика процессов социализации

English title: International comparison of basic values of Russian population and dynamics of socialization processes

Author(s): Vladimir Magun - Maksim Rudnev -

Language: Russian

Type: Journal article

Year: 2010


The paper tries to unhide the value differences between Soviet and Post-Soviet Russian genereations. The direct contrasting of the two cohorts' values is a mixture of life cycle and generation specificity, so we employed a comparative value measures to leave out the life cycle effects. The assumpstion is that the life cycle and its influence on the basic values is approximately the same in all European countries. The young Russians (15-23 y.o.) are compared to other Europeans of the same age, and the elder Russians (62+) are compared to the other European of the same age as well. Russian youth comparing to the European ones emphasizes Self-Enhancement values. Otherwise, Russian elderly comparing to the European one, emphasizes Conservation. Using these comparative measures authors conclude that the Soviet Russian society, comparing to the contemporary one, was more likely to shape Conservation and Self-Transcendence values, and contemporary Russian society is more likely to raise in people values of Opennes to change and Self-Enhancement.

Volume: 47

Issue: 9

From page no: 65

To page no: 72



Journal: Education policy (Obrazovatelnaya politika)

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