O "φόβος του εγκλήματος": δεδομένα και μεθοδολογικά παραλειπόμενα

English title: Data and methodological concerns upon investigations of the “fear of crime”

Author(s): Joanna Tsiganou -

Language: Greek

Type: Book chapter

Year: 2007


Recent years have witnessed a renewed and increased interest from academics and policy markers in research upon the fear of crime, which has grown substantially. From this very inception this field has relied almost exclusively upon quantative surveys which have suggested that the fear of crime is a social phenomenon of striking dimensions. However doubts about the very nature of the instruments used to investigate this phenomenon have cumulatively raised the possibility that the fear of crime has been significantly misrepresented. In this paper it is attempted- on the basis of the ESS data related to the investigation of the fear of crime- to review certain doubts surrounding the validity of the instruments used to generate these findings and identify certain methodological concerns at the epistemological, conceptual, operational and technical levels associated with the quantitative investigation of the fear of crime in general. The objective is to contribute to the scientific debate with suggestions for future fear of crime surveys in the light of the ESS data.

From page no: 194

To page no: 219

Anthology: Society, Citizens and Politics. The European Social Survey.

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