To κοινωνικό κεφάλαιο στην Ελλάδα σε συγκριτική προοπτική: Σύντομη θεωρητική επισκόπηση και ανάλυση αποτελεσμάτων από την Ευρωπαική Κοινωνική Έρευνα

English title: Social capital in Greece in comparative perspective: a brief theoretical analysis and empirical documentation on the basis of the European Social Survey”

Author(s): Dimitris Sotiropoulos -

Language: Greek

Type: Book chapter

Year: 2007


Even compared to other South European societies, social capital in Greece is low. This is more evident in the case of interpersonal trust than in trust towards institutions. Greeks show more trust toward the army, the police and the law, than to the parliament, the political class, the public administration and the corporate sector. If trust towards the parliament and the public administration is low, the chances to improve on administrative efficiency and to make democracy more substantive are low. However, social capital by itself does not present a full picture of society. In Greece, political party competition, social class conflict, Europeanization and the influence of mass media are variables which have an impact on social capital and conversely are influenced by it.

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To page no: 291

Anthology: Society, Citizens and Politics. The European Social Survey.

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