Базовые ценности населения: сравнение россиян с жителями других европейских стран

English title: Basic Human Values: Comparison of Russians and Inhabitants of Other European countries

Author(s): Maksim Rudnev -

Language: Russian

Type: Thesis / dissertation

Year: 2009


The purpose of the study - to identify similarities and differences between the basic values of Russian and European population. Cross-country similarities and differences between values were determined in two ways: by comparing aggregate indicators (country-wide averages), and by comparing the in-country distributions of values indicators in different countries. Greater caution and more marked value of protection from the strong state is typical of average Russian in comparison with the residents of most other European countries. He also expressed weaker value of novelty, creativity, freedom and independence and less inherent risk appetite, the desire for fun and pleasure. He strongly expressed the desire for wealth and power, for personal success and social recognition. Strong focus on personal self-affirmation leaves in the mind of this man less room for care about justice and equality in the country and in the world, for tolerance, for concern over nature and environment, than in the mind of average European.


Awarding institution: Institute of Sociology, Russian Academy of Sciences

Number of pages: 0

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