English title: Measurement and adjustment of non-response bias based on non-response surveys: the case of Belgium and Norway in the European Social Survey Round 3

Author(s): Hideko Matsuo - Jaak Billiet - G. Loosveldt - F. Berglund - Ø. Kleven -

Language: English

Type: Journal article

Year: 2010


In earlier rounds of the European Social Survey, non-response bias was studied by using population statistics and call record information (para data). In the third round, a new feature was introduced: two kinds of non-respondent surveys were set up using a short list of questions which were designed to study non-response bias. In Belgium, a very short questionnaire was off ered to all refusals at the doorstep (doorstep questions survey, DQS). In Norway and two other countries, somewhat longer versions of the basic questionnaire were o ered to all main survey non-respondents and to samples of respondents (non-response survey, NRS). Logistic regression models were applied in order to estimate response propensities. This paper shows that propensity score weighting adjustment of non-response bias, on the basis of key sociodemographic and attitudinal variables, is e ective for most demographic and non-demographic variables in both Belgium and Norway. Application of the weighting procedure balances the samples of cooperative respondents and non-respondents according to the key variables studied since systematic di erences between cooperative respondents and non-respondents have disappeared.

Volume: 4

Issue: 3

From page no: 165

To page no: 178

Refereed: Yes


Journal: Survey Research Methods

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