Ciclos de vida e atitudes perante a vida: satisfação com a vida, religiosidades e redes de relações sociais

English title: Life cycles and life attitudes: life satisfaction, religiousness and social nets

Author(s): Gil Nata - Isabel Menezes -

Language: Portugese

Type: Book chapter

Year: 2010


In this chapter, different positions in the life course are considered to analyse attitudes toward life in four dimensions: satisfaction with life, religiosity, sociability and community involvement. One of the results that stands out is the high position occupied by the Portuguese in the domain of sociability. However, taking into account that this indicator aggregates not only friendships but also family relations, we should consider that this result is due to the solid family roots within the Portuguese society. Crossing the dimensions in analysis we find three “Europes”: one Europe satisfied with life, involved with the community and moderately religious and sociable; one Europe markedly religious, moderately satisfied with life and with weak community involvement; and one sociable Europe, moderately religious and moderately involved with community. Portuguese citizens are included in the last group, due to their high sociability. If we consider the age differences, we verify that the sociability decreases with age and that the inverse happens with religiosity. The satisfaction with life tends to decrease until midlife (and then becomes stable), while the involvement with the community is stronger in the intermediate age groups. Two last findings worth of notice are that the single and married persons are more satisfied with life than the widows and divorced ones; and that the higher the income, the higher the satisfaction with life, contradicting the idea that “happiness can not be bought”.

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Anthology: Tempos e Transições de vida: Portugal ao Espelho da Europa [Timings and Transitions of Life: a view of Portugal within Europe]

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