Percursos de vida profissional, satisfação e motivações perante o trabalho: integrando os modelos de desenvolvimento de carreiras com os modelos de ocupações profissionais

English title: Professional paths, work satisfaction and work motivations: Integrating career development models with occupation models

Author(s): H. Duarte - D. Lopes -

Language: Portugese

Type: Book chapter

Year: 2010


The satisfaction and motivation towards work are modified not only by the skills that one acquires through his life course but also by their dependency of the articulation between work roles and other social relations. Analysing a subsample of working individuals, the authors conclude that the learning opportunities and the satisfaction possibilities converge with the learning motivations especially in the initial phases of career and that the need to learn also stands out in the more qualified workers. Portugal is one of the countries where the need for learning is more frequently expressed. However, this predisposition can also be explained by the low qualification of Portuguese workers. Either way, and a bit paradoxically, the Portuguese workers distance themselves from those who express a low feeling of self-efficacy, which results in a brighter view of themselves and of their own personal future. However, this higher perception of self-efficacy is not translated into a feeling that their worth being is social acknowledged. The same happens in Eastern-Europe countries, while in the Scandinavian countries the opposite happens. Finally, the chapter points out the possibility that the recognition and the satisfaction with work is not independent of life experiences: a consolidated professional career facilitates a better integration of work and family, by means of a lower anxiety towards the expectations of progression, which translates into a higher satisfaction with the professional status.

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Anthology: Tempos e Transições de vida: Portugal ao Espelho da Europa [Timings and Transitions of Life: a view of Portugal within Europe]

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